Umbrian Distillate


Fortresses and Castles

Rocca di Narni

What a beautiful castle!

They have been there for centuries, dominating the streets and entrances, symbolising the power of Princes and Lords, of Popes and Cardinals. Today they are still an integrant part of the landscape of the Province of Terni. The fortresses and the castles on top of hills, soaring above the villages contribute to bthe creation of a surreal atmosphere. The more important buildings, rich in history, like the Albornozian fortresses of Narni and Orvieto, the fortresses of Piediluco, Polino and Ferentillo, the Castle of Alviano, the Duchy Palace of Giove. But also the more secluded ones like Montalbano and Casigliano near Acquasparta, Sismano and Dunarobba near Avigliano, Forte Cesare near Montecastrilli.
A long, very long itinerary, from castle to castle, with fortresses watching one another, sending signals from one hill to another, witnesses to a now vanished world, which here, as if by magic, lives on. Another way to visit the territory of the Province of Terni, follwing a really orioginal system of road signs where the most important pieces are always……the towers.