Umbrian Distillate


Archaeological Areas


Among Umbrians, Etruscans and Romans

To stand in awe before the cyclopic walls erected 2400 years before. Suspended between the sky and the ground among the remains of temples built on the mountain tops years before the birth of Rome. Wander through the entrances excavated in the tuff of Etruscan necropolis. Stroll across the stones of the ancient consular roads which still today render the idea of the monumentality of Roman cities, through triumphant arches, theatres and amphitheatres. All this and much much more has the Province of Terni to offer to those who wish to follow its archaeological itineraries. A journey back in time which will lead among the ancient Italic Etruscan people (in Orvieto district the famous Tuff Necropolis) and the Umbrians (the Torre Maggiore and Saint Erasmus (Terni) temples and the rich archaeological museum of the Province capital, and that of Amelia where the celebrated Bronze statue of the Germanico is contained). Finally, in the localities which – here too – saw the glory of Rome, in the equipped archaeological areas of Carsulae (provided with a visitor’s centre and antiquarium) between Terni and Todi, and that of Otricoli, south of Narni.