Umbrian Distillate


Lake Piediluco

Lago di Piediluco

Where vegetation is reflected

Just a few kilometres from Terni and the Marmore Waterfalls, towards Rieti, easily linked to the Road networks which cross Terni territory, Lake Piediluco appears like a precious stone set in a green background. A lake of modest dimensions, but fascinating for its collocation which reminds many visitors of the stretches of water in the Alps. On one hand, in winter, the snow-capped peaks of nearby Mount Terminillo are reflected on its surface while in summer, the woods which stretch down to its shores, offer shade and coolness to its visitors. The village of Piediluco is dominated by a medieval fortress, and in June it hosts the traditional Water Festival which climaxes with the procession of allegorical boats. Today Piediluco is one of the best equipped rowing centres in Europe: international rowing competitions are held here and its sport structures, as well as accommodation facilities, are used by athletes from all over the world as ideal premises for retreats and workshops.
Just a few kilometres away there is Villalago, a historical 19th century residence and its park, which offer an extroardinary view down onto the lake. In summer, open-air concerts and shows are held here.

The elegant 19th century villa, realised on a design by Architect Giuseppe Boccini, is immersed in a vast park and stands in a panoramic position over Piediluco and its lake. It is a historical residence of neoclassical lines, simple and elegant, a rare example in an area rich in fortresses and castles, where it is the Middle Ages above all, with its atmosphere, to have left the most tangible and meaningful signs in the sequence of typical fortified villages in the Nera Valley. Villalago was acquired by the Province of Terni in 1964 and today hosts the Icsim (an Institute that is involved in the study of Business History and venue of important musical events during the summer months).
The Park is about 30 hectares in size, open to the public, and an environment of remarkable beauty and great value; among the variety of trees: the rarest Spanish firs, red firs, Balcon firs and Lebanese cedars. Thirty species of native orchids are to be found. Aurelio De Felice’s famous sculpture “Adolescente con Ocarina” (young girl with an ocarina) (musical instrument) has been placed in the ex-fountain.

The Fortress
In the Xith century the fortress was built in a strategic position on the top of a hill which dominates Piediluco. In 1364 it came under the control of Blasco Fernandez, cousin of Cardinal Albornoz, who had some parts of it rebuilt. Today, acquired by the Province and restored, the keep, the remains of some reception rooms and parts of the walls that linked the fortress to the village are all that remain of the fortified complex. In the fortress grounds some cultural events connected with the Water Festival have been held.