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Palazzo Gazzoli

The art of meeting…in the centre

Between North and South, East and West. The Province of Terni is there. And, it is not just a way of speaking! No, the Military Geographic Institute has it calculated down to the last millimetre, the geographical centre is exactly in the centre of Terni territory, in the Municipality of Narni, to be precise. So, where is the best place to meet for those who come from one end of Italy or the other, if not in the centre? Here the centre is serviced with great communication networks, “the Sun Highway” (l’Autostrada del Sole), the E45, the Flaminia Road, the Rome-Florence and Rome-Ancona rail networks. Then again, the centre offers an unrivalled hospitality, comfortable structures able to satisfy every requirement, where work or convivial meetings can become an opportunity for relaxation, tourism culture or new friendships.