Umbrian Distillate


Nature and Environment

Panorama - Natura & ambiente

A land around water

If Umbria is the green heart of Italy, the Province of Terni represents its most successful synthesis. In a not so vast territory, within a few kilometres from one another,are found the intense green of the Appenine mountain woods, those of ochre tones, and the colours of the cultivated hillside lands typical of the countryside of central and Southern Umbria.Then, in the middle, the valleys scored by the main rivers in the region – the Tiber and the Nera- which, with the lakes, mark and distinguish the Province of Terni almost as if it were water, surrounded by land. The river parks of the two most important water courses, guarantee total immersion into the world of nature, with the Alviano oasis, the valley below the Corbara Lake, kingdom of migratory birds, and above all the stunning Marmore Waterfalls, created by the ancient Romans which, throughout the course of centuries have enticed special tourists – artists, poets and writers who have sung of its “horrid beauty”.