Umbrian Distillate


History and Art


From the stone age to the steel age.

From sculptured rock to cast steel. Between these two activities, which at times become art, runs the entire history of man. The long network that encloses the territory of the Province of Terni winds between these two activities. Through extraordinary places and events which involved so many great protagonists of history, this network binds the ancient inhabitants of Umbria, who, many years before the birth of Christ, hacked the enormous stones to create the puzzle of the Cyclopic Walls of Amelia, to the engineers, the technicians and workforce who – in Terni – have cast in the most modern alloys, the Lance of Light or Arnaldo Pomodoro’s great sculpture. In the middle there are thousands of years of small and large monuments to man’s mastery, symbols of art and a constant search for harmony between human creation and nature, which here in Southern Umbria, is exalted in a special way: there are the smooth stones that pave the consular roads, the Etruscan tombs cut into tuff, the square stones of the medieval villages and those sculptured in the mysterious symbols of the faces of the Romanic churches. Then again those stunning bas-reliefs which embellish the front of the Orvieto Cathedral, and within, in the churches, palaces, the explosion of colour of Signorelli’s or Piermatteo d’Amelia’s frescos, which narrate, narrate…never stop narrating their stories.