Umbrian Distillate


Rafting a Marmore

Outdoor Paradise

Sport and territory in the Province of Terni go hand in hand. To practise sport here means, first of all, to live nature, to use in the best possible way the nature gyms that this part of Umbria makes available to all. From free climbing, mountain biking, from canoeing to rafting, from trekking to canyoning, all open air sports find, between the Nera Valley and the Tiber river, their most natural collocation, thanks also to an organisation that has improved over the years. Terni territory, however, also offers advanced structures for every type of traditional sport, from football to table tennis, from rowing to horse-riding, available to all those passing through this area as tourists and – above all – to those organisations which have chosen it, also for its central position, as retreat and training centres.

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