Umbrian Distillate



Take Umbrians and Etruscans, both sides of the river Tiber. And then – again – Romans, Lombards, Guelphs and Ghibellines, mercenaries, kings and emperors, popes and cardinals.
Mix them together well for three thousand years.
Add the most inspired artists, the sons of the land and those who were attracted like a magnet to this land and its beauties. Serve on a dish of hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, bordered with the greenest mountains, these scored with enchanting valleys.
Flavour with a few wild corners, where nature still dictates and animals roam free, quite undisturbed by humans. Moisten all with the impetuous waters of the Marmore Falls. Season with the strongest and most genuine flavours your palate can taste.
Decorate with the Chant of Francis, the Monk who found here his deepest inspiration.
Here we are, everything is ready. The Province of Terni, from the Nera Valley to Orvieto, is a surprise recipe. Rich with unexpected delicacies.
A final suggestion: savour it slowly, as even time in this land is a fundamental ingredient.