Umbrian Distillate

Orvieto District


At the foot of the Cathedral.

The cliff of Orvieto (Urbs Vetus, the old town) dominated by the Cathedral, is the symbolic image of this territory, known and appreciated all over the world. The splendid Cathedral front, the marvellous frescos by Luca Signorelli make Orvieto one of the classic destinations of international tourism. But next to the more famous monuments, there are a thousand hidden corners to discover in the city of the Etruscans, with its undergrounds, its vast territories rich in vineyards where the celebrated white wines are produced, its castles, its parish churches….Of a quality of life that can be found in its way of eating (Orvieto is the capital of slow-food), in the extraordinary value of its restaurants and eating places, in the architectural inventions which not rarely make visitors fall so in love with it, they are convinced to stay here forever.