Umbrian Distillate

Terni District

Conca Ternana

Beyond the steel – among the green countryside and the waters.

It is not only the city of the steelworks, of iron and fire. For those with enough curiosity to discover it, Terni reserves immense surprises deriving from a three-thousand-year history. It is a rare example in Umbria of a modern city perfectly integrated with the more ancient part of the city. Terni is surrounded by countryside which has enchanted visitors for centuries, from luscious green territory, mineral waters (some famous such as San Gemini), medieval villages, natural marvels such as the Marmore Waterfalls and lake Piediluco, to many small and great secrets to discover one by one.
Terni is also the city of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers all over the world. His basilica, containing his tomb, is the subject of continuous pilgrimages, while every year the entire city dedicates important events to its patron saint, which reach their climax on the 14th February, the city’s festival day.