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Terni in Jazz

From the Lute to the Sax

The magic atmosphere of a medieval music concert or the electrifying one of a jam session. The panorama of festivals and attractions which find their natural setting in the Province of Terni is extremely vast. It goes from the winter edition of Umbria Jazz in Orvieto to the “Terni in jazz Summer Festival” up to the “Eventi Valentiniani”(St. Valentine’s Events – in honour of the patron saint of love and of the city), and then the many and important historical commemmorations set in the Middle Ages and organised in the most beautiful villages of the territory, from the “Ring Competition” in Narni, to the “Arms Joist” in San Gemini. However, it is in the spring and summer seasons that the Province of Terni best expresses itself in folklore with the Water festival, with the vast number of village Fairs, with religious ceremonies, first among these, that of Corpus Domini in Orvieto, with the musical seasons such as those of Villalago and the Roman Amphitheatre in Terni. In autumn and in winter the manifestations continue inside the beautiful theatres of all the main municipalities.

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