Umbrian Distillate


Franciscan localities

Affresco Francescano

Following Saint Francis’ footsteps

Frą Francesco d’Assisi crossed this land all over. He loved it and wanted to leave signs so that whoever came after him, could feel the same emotions, the same sense of harmony with nature and with its Creator. Still today, the Franciscan tracks in the Province of Terni (almost all equipped and marked) lead to unique localities in which the most genuine Franciscan atmosphere can be breathed. Such as the Eremita (Hermitage), not far from Portaria, between Terni and Acquasparta, where the Saint wrote the first draft of his Cantico (Canticle). Often they are paths along which you can travel only on foot, such as those which lead to the caverns to which Saint Francis retreated to listen to the sound of the earth inside grottas and natural caves, almost always close to broad woods, up impassible mountains , as in the case of the Cavern of Sant’ Urbano near Narni. Following in Saint Francis’ footsteps is another way to move around in the territory of the Province of Terni, but perhaps it is the best way to enter into the spirit of the localities.