Umbrian Distillate


Marmore Waterfalls

Cascata delle Marmore

In the roar of the waters

Check the timetable!
It takes only 30 minutes to visit the waterfall itself. To visit the waterfalls, the paths, the Belvedere and the Lover’s balcony, it takes about 3 hours.

The waters of the Marmore Falls are exploited for the production of electrical energy. For this reason the falls remain open only at certain hours which are listed on the following websites:


-Piazza Vasi

Marmore Waterfalls Lower Belvedere
Tel. 0744.62982 – fax 0744.362231

-Campacci Park

Marmore Waterfalls Upper Belvedere
Tel. 0744.67561


Marvellous, from every point of view
There are different ways to visit the Marmore Waterfalls and to savour all their beauty. The three majestic tiers of the Velino that fall into the Nera from a height of 165 metres can be admired from the lower area (reachable at 7 km from Terni along the Valnerina Road towards Visso), or from the upper area, accessible from the Campacci di Marmore park (6 km from Terni towards Rieti, on the 279 Road). In both cases an entry fee must be paid (3 euros), which gives entitlement to a series of services, from parking spot to information thanks also to the presence of two different info points. The upper belvedere on the other hand, is an observatory, a small building which stands at the summit above the first and most impressive tier of the Waterfalls. The view from here is fascinating as it enables you to appreciate from close up the enormous mass of water that precipitates, and in particular conditions the appearance of a rainbow due to the refraction of the sun’s rays on the rising drops of water.

“Horribly beautiful” is how the Marmore Waterfalls were defined by the great English poet George Byron, to which he dedicated splendid verses. The roar of the Velino river waters as they precipitate into the Nera with three drops from a height of 165 metres, ringout for kilometres along the final stretch of the Nera Valley.
A fascinating, and at the same time impressive spectacle created by man, by the technical and engineering ability of the ancient Romans. A marvel that for centuries has excited the curiosity and aroused the admiration of visitors coming from every part of the world. Today the waterfall, just seven kilometres from Terni, is the principal spot of the tourisitc system of the territory: it offers the vast number of visitors fascinating tracks and innovative services, as well as the chance to practise exciting sports, such as rafting, in the stretch of river below it. Careful however! The Waterfalls are still exploited for the production of electrical energy: they are therfore open to visitors only on fixed days and times.

“The crash of waters! From its rocky heights the Velino ventures through the water flushed precipes. Waterfalls! As fast as light, the shimmering mass of water foams, shaking the abyss. Hell of waters! There where they cry out and hiss and bubble in their eternal torture; while the sweat of their immense agony sqeezed by their Flagetonte, embraces the black rocks that surround the abyss, spread with tremendous horror..”
George Byron
“Childe Harolds Pilgrimage”

Inside the Waterfalls
As well as the two traditional observation points, the lower and upper belvedere, it is also possible to admire the Waterfalls from the “inside” thanks to new excursion paths which link the upper part to the lower. Access to the paths is included in the entry fee.
The paths leave from the info point area at Piazzale Vasi, or from the info point area of Campacci in Marmore and lead close to the first tier, between small lateral falls, wooden bridges and dense vegetation. About half way between the upper and lower belvedere, it is possible to walk along a tunnel which leads to the “Lover’s balcony” high up above the central tier where the falls can be admired in all their impetuosity. In the path areas, all accurately marked and easily viable, there is also a refreshment area, climbing surfaces and a botanical garden. (In preparation).